Bottled 2.0

My heart will be at peace

Going through the same motions like every morning, I sluggishly walked up the usual hill.

“Again” I told myself, again! Like most of my days, I steeled myself for this morning’s routine.

But just as I was almost at the top of the hill…”Love me”…”Love me” I heard.

I turned back but was greeted by the usual morning scenery – sparsely spaced wild horses standing idly by the usual horse path.

I was about to move and heard it again but this time I was determined to know what it is, then I shut the blinds to my eyes and opened the doors to my heart, at that instance, I heard the wind whisper my name and softly breeze my neck in the direction of the voice.

Slowly I opened my eyes; and there it was… tucked away between wild horses; lighting up its path like solid gold in a moonless night. I stood transfixed, whishing I could behold this sight for a life time.

Then suddenly, I was beckoned again, and jolted out of my fantacy.

Hypnotised by this vision, I smiled to a familiar fair fairy with tantalizing ruby-red lusciousness, surrounded by a strikingly beautiful mix of black and grays with poker dots.

As I moved closer to this goddess….

“Good morning” I heard.

“Good morning”, and alas, I was awake! Awake?!

“Good morning” I replied (in disappointment).

As I relished the lingering feeling of raging emotions, I savor the tingle between my legs and slowly but quietly closed my eyes to recapture the almost white silkiness of her skin, the ruby-red lips mounted on well shaped immaculate lusciousness and remembered what she said –

“My name will bring your heart to peace… Good morning… come and see the beautiful new ride we talked about…”

Once again, I bottled my words and purposefully contained my emotions.


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