The Illusionist

untitled Did you wake up feeling it was a Saturday? Don’t be alarmed! It’s only natural.  

Diminishing returns set in on Wednesday unconsciously. Thursdays makes you aware, that you can’t wait for Friday. The thought of lazing around the next day keeps Friday cheerful and tolerable. Alas, Saturday comes with its own leisure baggage. Sunday keeps you remorseful for a sad Monday. Monday however does not end sadly as you get pumped for Tuesday. Your game face is always on Tuesday as your efficiency peaks. Now we are back to Wednesday and tiredness sets in again.  

But in all these, your efficiency gives you the extra edge. Efficiency makes you a master illusionist. Makes you the one to go the extra mile, Gives you the never-say-die attitude, However every illusion can only be harnessed by discipline and skill.  

Always remember that hard work do not necessarily gives you leverage, But a sharpened set of skills keeps your result above average. “A well sharpened axe maximizes the logger’s skill” Being a master Illusionist gives your competitors the flight or fright attack without the fight syndrome, Why? Because they don’t see you coming! And when you do, you are too formidable! As exhaustion sets in, be different, be weird… be the Master Illusionist.


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