Breathe, Relax and Read…

mr-happy-smiley-wallpaperWhat you want is not necessarily needed, what you get is not necessarily deserved, how you feel are just brain neurons doing their job.

Think…Think really hard, and ponder a little on the above statement. You will realize that how your day ends is just a pigment of your creative imagination.

Are you feeling low? Be uplifted. Are you wary? Relax and breathe easy. Sad? Smile!

Because your emotion breeds your attitude, if attitude can be regulated, your altitude is self determined.

Flight, fight and fright, are all just signals. How you perceive these signals, makes you, you!

Determine your emotion, create your fate! And choose today, how your day will end!

 Breathe again, relax… close your eyes and read again! only then can you read between the lines!


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