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Parable of the Weeds


Like the parables of the weeds,

We roam the world in our cloak of deeds,

Angels marveling at our predicament

As weeds rally around our embankments

While we struggle to stay in consecration

Some gets choked to death in sudden conclusion

Many are uprooted together with weeds

To be separated – weeds from seeds

Still many struggle till this moment

Oblivious of the intended flaming torment

But while weeds thrive, we strive

In anxious expectation

Of the great heavenly selection!



Breathe, Relax and Read…

mr-happy-smiley-wallpaperWhat you want is not necessarily needed, what you get is not necessarily deserved, how you feel are just brain neurons doing their job.

Think…Think really hard, and ponder a little on the above statement. You will realize that how your day ends is just a pigment of your creative imagination.

Are you feeling low? Be uplifted. Are you wary? Relax and breathe easy. Sad? Smile!

Because your emotion breeds your attitude, if attitude can be regulated, your altitude is self determined.

Flight, fight and fright, are all just signals. How you perceive these signals, makes you, you!

Determine your emotion, create your fate! And choose today, how your day will end!

 Breathe again, relax… close your eyes and read again! only then can you read between the lines!

The Illusionist

untitled Did you wake up feeling it was a Saturday? Don’t be alarmed! It’s only natural.  

Diminishing returns set in on Wednesday unconsciously. Thursdays makes you aware, that you can’t wait for Friday. The thought of lazing around the next day keeps Friday cheerful and tolerable. Alas, Saturday comes with its own leisure baggage. Sunday keeps you remorseful for a sad Monday. Monday however does not end sadly as you get pumped for Tuesday. Your game face is always on Tuesday as your efficiency peaks. Now we are back to Wednesday and tiredness sets in again.  

But in all these, your efficiency gives you the extra edge. Efficiency makes you a master illusionist. Makes you the one to go the extra mile, Gives you the never-say-die attitude, However every illusion can only be harnessed by discipline and skill.  

Always remember that hard work do not necessarily gives you leverage, But a sharpened set of skills keeps your result above average. “A well sharpened axe maximizes the logger’s skill” Being a master Illusionist gives your competitors the flight or fright attack without the fight syndrome, Why? Because they don’t see you coming! And when you do, you are too formidable! As exhaustion sets in, be different, be weird… be the Master Illusionist.

Bottled 2.0

My heart will be at peace

Going through the same motions like every morning, I sluggishly walked up the usual hill.

“Again” I told myself, again! Like most of my days, I steeled myself for this morning’s routine.

But just as I was almost at the top of the hill…”Love me”…”Love me” I heard.

I turned back but was greeted by the usual morning scenery – sparsely spaced wild horses standing idly by the usual horse path.

I was about to move and heard it again but this time I was determined to know what it is, then I shut the blinds to my eyes and opened the doors to my heart, at that instance, I heard the wind whisper my name and softly breeze my neck in the direction of the voice.

Slowly I opened my eyes; and there it was… tucked away between wild horses; lighting up its path like solid gold in a moonless night. I stood transfixed, whishing I could behold this sight for a life time.

Then suddenly, I was beckoned again, and jolted out of my fantacy.

Hypnotised by this vision, I smiled to a familiar fair fairy with tantalizing ruby-red lusciousness, surrounded by a strikingly beautiful mix of black and grays with poker dots.

As I moved closer to this goddess….

“Good morning” I heard.

“Good morning”, and alas, I was awake! Awake?!

“Good morning” I replied (in disappointment).

As I relished the lingering feeling of raging emotions, I savor the tingle between my legs and slowly but quietly closed my eyes to recapture the almost white silkiness of her skin, the ruby-red lips mounted on well shaped immaculate lusciousness and remembered what she said –

“My name will bring your heart to peace… Good morning… come and see the beautiful new ride we talked about…”

Once again, I bottled my words and purposefully contained my emotions.



Like the Chinese “Yin – Yang”;
Like White and Black;
“Now” following after “When”;
Light existing in harmony in the dark;
Like ME and YOU;
YOU need ME, I need YOU;
…Still my lover;
And still true to the words of Niyola –

“Ife yi ga o!
Ife yi le o!!
Ife to dun,
Dun bi oyin,
Te le gan ba ‘n soro,
Lo jo to ba ‘n koro,
Da wan lo hun pe, adun yi o gbeyin ewuro!”

How do you expect me to live without you,
My heart bubbles with your stew of love,
Babe!.. and you know it’s true,
You are my joy from above.

…. Words from TIENIKAN